Oct 19, 2011

Saveur.com Presents Whiskey Cocktails


Another day, another round of amazing bourbon (and general whiskey) cocktails. This time, the list has been curated by the foodies at Saveur.com, who have pulled together some classics with a few new libations you might not know about yet.

Bourbon Cider
Bourbon Cider

The Brown Derby, The SeelBach and The Whiskey Sour
Brown Derby, Seelbach, Whiskey Sour,

Check out the link below for the full story and for links to the recipes behind these cocktails.

Whiskey Cocktails - SAVEUR.com
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Garrison Brothers Truly Hand Crafted Bourbon

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Saying something is "handcrafted" or "made by hand" can be marketing speak that really doesn't meaning anything at all. Trust me, I'm in the marketing business and know a thing or two about making products sound more special than they really are. However the good people at Garrison Brothers Bourbon down in Texas are bringing real meaning to the term handcrafted.

According to the San Antonio news site MySanAntonio.com, the boutique bourbon maker literally fills bottles by hand with the help of countless volunteers, who basically chip in for the chance to do something fun, and for a free bottle of the good stuff. Garrison Bros. has been at since around 2007, and while the brand does some really cool stuff - like offering people the opportunity to bottle bourbon - the company seems to have some fundamental issues around cash flow. Namely, the product is expensive at $80-$90 a bottle and with limited distribution it's hard to keep the coffers full. The article explains that fans can splash down $2,000 to join The Old 300 and become a brand ambassador, but we're not sure that's a privilege worth such a price tag.

Get your hands on some of this and share your review with us.

Garrison Brothers bourbon made by many hands. - San Antonio Express-News:

Oct 12, 2011

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